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a humor blog


Do you agree nothing is above a good joke? Crack a beer and stick around. We don't get angry here. We don't get political. We just laugh.

My blog covers whatever a 26-year-old guy thinks is worth writing about: current events, music, sports, and what it feels like to be just another underachieving millennial with a liberal arts degree, a mountain of student loans and nothing to show for it.

Also featured on the blog are my viral shitposts, all of which have amassed thousands and thousands of likes and comments on Reddit and Twitter and have ignited heated debates in places such as the Animal Crossing, Harry Potter and writing communities. 

As for the blog title, it pays homage to one of my crowning achievements: the time one of my satirical pieces led to William Faulkner trending on Twitter. Maybe I'm a loser for being proud of that, but I am.


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