• Steve G

Trails & Ales: Newport Cliff Walk and Newport Craft Brewing

The trail

The Newport Cliff walk is more of a path than a trail, but it's perfect if you're looking for something a little more leisurely. It has beautiful views of the ocean and the mind blowing mansions of the Gilded Age, including the Breakers, which was built my members of the Vanderbilt family. There is a stone staircase on the path that descends to the rocks, which is a great spot for taking a dunk if you're feeling bold. The trail also passes through a couple of cool tunnels and over some large slabs of rock. It can get buggy and hot, so come prepared.

The view

Unlike more traditional trails, the Newport Cliff Walk isn't about reaching a specific point to take in the surroundings. The entire walk provides expansive views of the ocean and the waves crashing over the rocks. With the mansions on your right and the water on your left, the walk provides the opportunity to marvel at both the vastness of the sea and the opulence of 19th century wealth.

Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling Co.

Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling Co. is an easy fifteen minute drive from the Cliff Walk. They have an outdoor patio section with its own bar, with both sheltered seating on the patio and tables in the grass with their own umbrellas.

As for the beer, they had something for everyone: their flagship Storm Amber Ale, a *ahem* surprisingly strong Barleywine, a couple of different IPA options and a refreshing blueberry ale. The menu also featured a nice selection of mixed drinks made with their own distilled spirits.